Monday, 21 March 2016

Interfaith Marriage Should Be Legalised

Indonesia, an archipelago of more than ten thousand islands, consists of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. Despite being non-religion-based or secular country, Indonesian law still forbids marriages between different religions. The 1947 Marriage Law requires Indonesians to conduct marriage in line with the rituals of a religion to which both the bride and the groom adhere. There are several attempts of judicial review, but none has succeeded. Interfaith marriage should be legalized because it is unnatural for a government to confine its own people’s feelings. Interfaith marriage is also against the law. Based on article 28B, paragraph one of the Constitution, everyone has the right to establish a family. In addition, article 28D guarantees equal treatment and article 28E establishes freedom of religion.. However, many people still are still against interfaith marriage. For example, Din Syamsudin, the leader of Muhammadiyah, says that interfaith marriage would only result in misery. A lot of people seem to agree with his statement. However, a successful marriage requires happiness not a beliefs uniformity. There are many famous couple that have a successful interfaith marriage, such as Jeremy Thomas - Ina Indayanti. To sum up, the government should not confine their citizen’s natural feelings and upheld their rights by legalizing interfaith marriage.